Help Your Child Get Through Daycare In The Wintertime

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A local daycare or childcare center can help take care of your kid while you are off at work or handling other important tasks. But if you are dropping off your kid at daycare in the wintertime, there are some special concerns that you might want to keep in mind. The daycare center will be equipped with ways to keep the kids warm, but there are other things you can do to ensure that your kid or kids remain as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Keep Them Hydrated

Does your child sometimes have issues with dry air? If so, you probably already know that winter air is usually the driest out of all of the seasons. Help your child get through their active time at the daycare center by making sure they stay hydrated. You might want to pack an extra water bottle in their bag or some moisturizer for their skin. If you know your child will struggle in dry air, maybe ask the teachers or caregivers to keep your kid indoors and avoid outdoor activities when possible.

Dress Them in Layers

If your child will be going outside while they are at daycare in order to take part in activities or playtime, you'll of course want to make sure they are comfortable. Dress them in multiple layers that they can put on when they go outside and then remove when they go back indoors. This will keep your kid warm outside and prevent them from getting overheated inside. If your kid is young, make sure you stress the importance of putting the layers back in their book bag when they take them off so that the extra clothing does not get lost.

Give Them Hygienic Wipes and Keep Them Away When They Are Sick Themselves

Wintertime often coincides with flu season, and anyone with a kid knows that children can sometimes start sniffling at the drop of a hat. Sending your kid to a daycare center with lots of other children might leave them exposed to germs. Send them off with some hand sanitizer or hygienic wipes in order to keep them germ free. With that said, make sure you are also being considerate of the other children and parents. If your child is the one who is sick, try and come up with alternative arrangements and keep them away from the daycare center.

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